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Any explorers in UK? Belguim or France?

would be cool to meet up with some peeps over there.

Any tips on finding buildings that I can get on the rooftop in Baltimore city? I'm located in the Mount Vernon area and am finding it hard finding buildings with a flattop I could get onto. Do you literally just choose a tall building and walk into it trying to find some sort of roof access or do you do certain types of planning?


Most roof access doors are at the top of the fire escape stairs. they’re usually locked and sometimes alarmed. i’ve had the best luck with older buildings. usually i find an elevator, then find the fire escape. sometimes doors will automatically lock behind you so it’s good to have something to keep the door slightly ajar like an eraser or a bottle cap or whatever i find laying around. Practice with hotels since you can basically walk in with street clothes on and a backpack and no one will look at you twice. 


“Poor people’s dream” now demolished
Wow, thanks guys! i seemed to have finally passed 1,000 followers in the past couple days! 
Hey! I just found your blog and I love the photography you do. I'm very curious about how you find all the locations for your photoshoots.

Lots and lots of research online. sometimes just driving around rough parts of a city/town. word of mouth from other fellow explorer/photographers. glad you like! thanks!

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